Direct Sale #1 - Hamasaki Ayumi CDs

A whole bunch of Hamasaki Ayumi CDs! There's a Buy it now price but I'm willing to take any reasonable offers for any of them ^.^

Item avcd17379
ayumi hamasaki RMX WORKS from ayu-mi-x 5 non-stop mega mix Japanese version, factory sealed
Original Price: ~$45USD
BIN: $25.50USD only!
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All of the below are full-sized oversea version singles. They've been used but are in great condition!

~Far away
~Fly high
~For My Dear...
~H (Green version)
~poker face

BIN: $7.50USD each~

Shipping should take 4-10 business days. Shipping for Boys&Girls to the US will be $3USD. Shipping for anything else to the US will be $5USD for one. The strip for the used CDs will be placed inside the case (in case it gets crushed during shipping) unless you otherwise specify.

Please ask about combined shipping~

All used CDs are functional but please do expect scratches on CD case. Note that they HAVE been used so do not expect them to be in perfect brand-new condition. Although I do try to keep my CD in their best condition, there may or may not be scratches on it (they are perfectly functional). I'll check for you on that ^.^ Please comment if you'd like photos taken of any of them.

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Direct Sale #2: Cookie Monster, Birthday Teddy

Item no. 000006
365 Days Sweets Birthday Teddy (September 16)
Price: $3.00
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Item no. 000007
Cookie Monster in Japan National Soccer Team Uniform Keychain
Price: $5.50
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Item no. 000008
Cookie Monster Plush in Japan National Soccer Team Uniform Keychain
Price: $8.50
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Questions about the items on the items page. Offers and questions about combine shipping goes here ^.^ Thank you!

Auction #1: GSD Rey Plush, Spiral Jap Manga v12, GS Quick Aegis, Freedom-Kira-, Panda-Z Fan. Sept 18

End time: 0:00AM EST, Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Buy it now and receive one for free!

When you purchase a Gundam SEED or a Gundam SEED Destiny item at the Buy it now price, receive a brand new adorable figure from the Chimakore Gundam SEED Part 2 series for free! See Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED Destiny items for more details.

Make an offer on the items!

Item no. 000001
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Rey Za Burrel UFO Plush
Starting bid: $9.99
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Item no. 000002
Spiral~Suiri no Kizuna~ (Melody of Logic) Japanese Manga v12
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Item no. 000003
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam Quick Gundam Model
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Item no. 000004
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Photo Album Freedom-Kira-
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Item no. 000005
Panda-Z the Roboanimation Paper Folding Fan
Starting bid: $4.00
BIN: $8.00
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Chimakore Gundam in shells Example of an unopened one.

I have only 3 of the Gundam SEED Chimakores and 1 FMA Chimakore left!!! They are all brand new and unopened. They will be sold randomly (as in you won't know what you get until your receive them~). You can specify which series you want though. The leftovers are NOT all side characters so you might be in for a pleasant surprise ^^ All three of the SEED ones are of different characters. If you're desperately looking for a particular one, leave a comment here with the character you want and your email and we can work something out ^^

$5USD for the first one (shipping to US included), and $3USD for each additional one. They will be shipped the next day after payment is received in a bubble envelope~ (should take 4-10 business days to arrive). Prices for Canada will be the same. Please ask me about the prices if you live anywhere else~ The shell will not be included unless you specify. There will be extra charges since shipping will be more expensive with a box >.
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DS: Putumayo camisoles and onepiece, Algonquins tank tops!

All prices include shipping to the US without insurance. Insurance maybe added for a few more dollars, please ask. For charges on shipping within Canada, please leave your postal code. For international shipping, please tell me which country you live in. There are no tracking numbers with the shipping method I'm using. I will be shipping from Toronto, Canada. Shipping normally takes 6-12 business days but may take longer due customs. If it doesn't reach you within 75 days after I send you a shipping confirmation, please contact me and I'll make a claim for those who bought insurance. I have no training in fashion whatsoever so all the measurements provided are approximate and conditions are of my own opinion. I'll only be accepting payments through Paypal. The 3% fee will be charged if you're using CC. Let me know if you prefer to pay in CAD and I'll adjust the price. I will be going on vacation in about a week and a half so I will be selling to whoever can pay first. That also means I won't be taking e-checks through PayPal. Sorry about that! Click here for my feedbacks. Thanks for looking ^.^!

Gothic, Lolita & Punk Brand Book Spring 2007

Some wears. Comes with Putumayo calendar/agenda.

Algonquins black and pink tank

$35USD, Brand new condition, tried on only
Bust: 30-40"
Length: 27"

Algonquins purple tank

$30USD, Brand new condition, tried on only
Bust: 28-36"
Length: 27"

Algonquins blackxgrey Love and Heavy Tank

$40USD, Good condition
Bust: 32-44"
Length: 25"

Putumayo BlackxPink Butterfly Camisole

$40USD, Excellent condition
Bust: 30-38"
Length: 20"

Putumayo BlackxPink Cat Camisole

$50USD, Excellent condition
Bust: 30-40"
Length: 22"

Putumayo BlackxPink Cross Camisole

$35USD, Excellent condition
Bust: 30-36"
Length: 25"

Putumayo BlackxRed Onepiece

$50USD, Excellent condition
Bust: I would recommend 28-36" but the material is very stretchy so it can probably fit up to a 40"
Length: 32"
The second picture shows the same onepiece in blackxwhite. You can wear a camisole and a petticoat underneath for the same effect ^.^

Putumayo WhitexBlack Crown Camisole

$45USD, Excellent condition
Bust: 30-38"
Length: 22"

White Petticoat

$30USD, Brand new condition, tried on only
Waist: 24-40"
Length: 20"
I bought it using Ozawa Mai's shopping service being told that it is a Btssb item but there isn't a tag or anything ^^; Second picture is of how it looks like in a skirt