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A sales & auction journal

凍蝶~itechou~ sales & auctions
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Please read before entering~

Welcome to ~itechou~ ^.^
This is a sales & auction journal

Direct Sale
For items that are in direct sales format, include the item name/number in your comment and if offered, the service options (i.e. bookwrapping) that you wish to be performed. Please also leave your contact information here. I will send an invoice to you afterwards.

You will have priority for an item for an indefinite time until another potential buyer appears. You will then receive a notification and have at most 48 hours to pay. I will state in the notification the specific amount of time I can wait for.

For items that are in auction format, there may be a Buy It Now (BIN) option for certain items. A new bid must be at least 5% of the starting price more than the highest bid. When you bid, include the item name/number, amount you're bidding in USD. I may include service options (i.e. bookwrapping) for some of the items. Please state in your bid if you'd like a certain service performed. Although I will be checking through every bid, please make sure all of this information is included in your latest bid as I might lose track of what you want ^^; Please leave your contact information here. I will send an invoice to you if you win. Note that all auction end time will be in Eastern Time, GMT-5:00. Adjust to daylight saving when effective.

I accept PayPal as a payment method. I also accept Paypal credit card, however the 3.9%+$0.30USD fee will be charged. I will also accept postal money order or concealed cash in Canadian currency. Conversion rates will be calculated according to the Paypal sell rate. I reside in Canada so please make sure you are getting international postal money order if you live anywhere else. I will not hold responsibility for the loss of concealed cash through mail. Pay through this method at your own risk.

IMPORTANT: I will send a money request to you within 48 hours and you must pay within 48 hours of the money request sent time. If you don't pay within 48 hours without any notification beforehand, you will be lose priority for the item and leave me with a bad impression of you n.n;;

Shipping rates for a particular item are listed on the pages tagged as "items" or on the direct sales/auction pages. I will try my best to mail the packet on the next business day after the payment has been received (or cleared if you paid with eCheck). If you don't include a shipping method, the most economical shipping method will be chosen (that means no insurance!). All the shipping fees I list are approximate values and I will not issue a refund unless the difference is over $3USD. Please refer here for your shipping status. Combined shipping is offered! Please ask about it.

Questions about the items or shipping fees go on the items' individual entries (tagged: items) or the direct sales/auction pages if item pages are unavailable. Bids go on the auction entries (tagged: auctions). Items posted are not for sale/auction until an sale/auction post for that item is posted.

All sales are final! No exchange or refund! I'm not responsible for damage done during shipping, delayed shipping or loss of packet! I will make a claim after 45 or 75 calendar days of shipment by air or by surface respectively and try to get your money back if the packet gets lost only if insurance was included. I will only refund the amount I get back from the post if a full claim could not be made. All the conditions of the items are of MY opinion so examine the pictures or ask for more pictures if you're worried.

Please leave a comment on my feedback page after you've received your item(s). Thank you and have fun purchasing! ^.^